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Full Version: Baked asf/yuppp/STEAM_0:1:108639241
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RPName: Baked asf
Steam Name(at the time): yuppp
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:108639241
Total Playtime: 00w 1d 03h 44m 18s
Banned: 2-20-18
forgiven: no
Situation: This idiothead started shooting at a guy randomly through his fucking wall... I screengrabbed him and he was using big packetos ooooof so I kept killing him and he was like "wow gmod admin abuse in 2018" and he sounded like a trigged feminist so yea XDDDDD
Additional Comments: idk this nibba dumm
[Image: DWJCUIZ.jpg][Image: 5C9e6ES.jpg][Image: G6PJdst.jpg][Image: qolnrPv.jpg][Image: NyrwfOk.jpg][Image: T1MBtcK.jpg][Image: CSCj9cc.jpg][Image: kVQUCOE.jpg][Image: aSb9HUG.jpg][Image: aSb9HUG.jpg][Image: agKtJT4.jpg]