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Full Version: Reaver/SGT. Mays Billy/STEAM_0:0:62215829
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RPName: Reaver
Steam Name(at the time): SGT. Mays Billy
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:62215829
Total Playtime: 00w 0d 02h 21m 50s
Banned: 2-20-18
forgiven: no
Situation: This absolute toxic asshole was propblocking spawn. I told Papyrus to handle it but he started giving him shit and being an asshole overall. I teleported to him and he started yelling at me and micspamming about I don't know my own rules. I snapped his screen and he was cheating so I banned him for that too so yea
Additional Comments: yes (in dedication to prince)
[Image: 0TkBl4l.jpg]