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Full Version: Godofthechicken/Godofthechicken/STEAM_0:0:56816424
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RPName: Godofthechicken
Steam Name(at the time): Godofthechicken
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:56816424
Total Playtime: 00w 0d 00h 15m 40s
Banned: 2-25-18
forgiven: no
Situation: Okay where the fuck do I even start? This was a very unique event not only was this guy using weird ass cheats I have never seen before, but the whole story was just weird as fuck. So it started off by the cake detecting him for console variable manipulation which sometimes means that a person tried bypassing cake and failed. I screengrabbed him and he looked fine so I just left him alone. Later he was detected for loading his cheats so I screengrabbed him and he was using some weird ass cheats that looked ugly as fuck and covered up his whole screen like bigpackets does but worse. I teleported to him. He was in a room with 2 of his friends. I started asking him why he had to do it, and saying we could have been friends, but I guess he was deaf because he just kept pretending he couldn't hear me. So I let the anticheat ban him, and his friend did something similar you can look at here. I tried adding them both but I was blocked and his friend didn't accept :/
Additional Comments: All 3 of these guys are toxic as fuck... They have all been perm banned so the community will never have to deal with their shit again. Enjoy Smile
[Image: MmkwbHH.jpg][Image: eOGvAu3.jpg][Image: scMX13C.jpg][Image: mZEJWOs.jpg][Image: W1XiMb8.jpg][Image: pPjj2Ye.jpg][Image: aKZ5wAg.jpg][Image: en8v85Q.jpg][Image: 4pPqagq9T7icxeYDWiQEDw.png]
Jesus those hacks look like they're from an old shitty game called Combat Arms.
Ironic that his friend's job was Hacker
(12-31-2018, 05:33 AM)NCRP Louka Wrote: [ -> ]Ironic that his friend's job was Hacker

lol nice
awsome update the hall of shame ok or ill get foul the owner or echo the co owner to ban you >Sad
Why is this entire thing of cheaters the best thing on the forums.
(11-29-2019, 02:47 PM)[Tree] Grandpa Gene Wrote: [ -> ]Why is this entire thing of cheaters the best thing on the forums.