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Full Version: Dave The Scrub/Dave The Scrub/STEAM_0:1:108795923
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RPName: Dave The Scrub
Steam Name(at the time): Dave The Scrub
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:108795923
Total Playtime: 00w 0d 00h 40m 32s
Banned: 3-2-18
forgiven: not in a million years ;)
Situation: This guy started saying we were scamming in chat, so I teleported to him and started talking to him... His reason that we were scamming people was because we were using the default scoreboard and F4 menu(which I like)... I told him that I used them because I liked them, not because I can't afford one. He told me that I made $1000, he then said I can't afford an F4 menu that usually costs 1 - 15 dollars, no contradicting statements k... This guy was just retarded in general, he then said how an addon we were using caused him an error... and he blamed me for it... I tried to explain that it's not my addon and we're a new server, so he started arguing to me about how 4 months is a realllyyyyy old server like soooooooooooooo old... But I decided to screengrab him and he was cheating like a faggot. I brought him to a sit for cheating and rdming, I said "hey I wasn't done with you!", he replied with "neither was I" and started shooting at me... Then I confronted him on cheating, he tried using a lag exploit to fuck up the server ( major dick move ), and he got kicked for it. I perm banned him after he
Additional Comments: It's these type of people that ruin the gmod community. People that are toxic for 0 reason whatsoever and he was also cheating what a coincidence! I will include the logs of what he said because that was saved, however my power went off in the middle of this so that's all I can do really :/


[Image: 2018_03_02%20___%2012_41_59.jpg][Image: 2018_03_02%20___%2012_42_10.jpg][Image: rp_downtown_v4c_v20039.jpg][Image: rp_downtown_v4c_v20040.jpg][Image: rp_downtown_v4c_v20041.jpg][Image: rp_downtown_v4c_v20042.jpg]
You forgot to mention that its which is the best gmod cheat out there Smile
(03-18-2018, 06:26 PM)Dave The Scrub Wrote: [ -> ]You forgot to mention that its which is the best gmod cheat out there Smile

bruh check my signature... you're a disgrace to the ch community...