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Full Version: Clarification on a couple of the rules?
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Just curious if I could get someone to elaborate on some of the rules, as they seem fairly vague.

What is meant by "All tunnel bases must have a safe path to walk through the tunnel?" What qualifies as a tunnel base? What is meant by "a safe path?"

The other one I was wondering about would be "Can not spawn and or manipulate props while raiding or being raided." "Manipulate props" could mean just about anything, I'm assuming this means no prop push/prop block, but it could also apply to things like wire contraptions (do wire doors count as prop block?)
Tunnel bases are bases people make inside the tunnels that connect the regions of the map. By safe path it means you must leave a way for players to pass through the tunnel aswell as having no KOS sign/line of any form for said safe pathway.

and for the last thing. simply do not spawn props while being raided nor touch them with your phys gun or moving them.