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Full Version: More E2 Extensions
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so basically, e2 is piss poor on the server. Could we at least get the following and i'll give reasons as to why you should Wink

VGUI Core (

  • Can create sick ass menus
  • Not abuse-able (has a whitelist so you can't force it on people without them authorizing it)
  • ~no server impact. It's clientside derma...

  • None. It's sick.

WebAudio (

  • Whitelisted audio sources
  • Has URL verification so you only request audio files (unlike streamcore)
  • Has cool FFT functions which allows for amazing visuals
  • Can be restricted and forced audio radius to stop abuse.
  • Has Net limits so it doesn't overwork the server

  • Reliant on specific sources

Overall Pro: Makes donationg for S-VIP more wanting instead of bog standard shit vanialla e2

Cheers xo
Will make the assumption it's not been looked into since there has been no response.
I already decided a week or two ago I'm adding the vguicore next update.