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Full Version: Dark RP- Purge
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I know it's been brought up a few times since I've joined the community but have we considered doing PURGE every few hours or so?

One of the communities i played in a while back had it and it seemed to help curb some of the RDM factors. There's of course still going to be your trolls and Minges in the server but that's anywhere

Personally if we did not have an oversaturation of Custom classes this would be a good idea, but considering 1/4 of the server is on their respective custom classes at any given time. This makes the server EXTREMELY unwelcoming to new comers that don't know what is going on. On top of that, 

I just do not think it has the best interest for the player base as a WHOLE. But like I said, if Custom classes were not so abundant. Then this would be a good idea!
I miss purge servers with my whole heart

that being said there has to be a logical reason that they're all fucking dead now.
purges as an idea seem good and fun, but with like 90% of the server having op ccs and liking to fuck around, people who are just rping will keep dying and not find it fun as much as other people.
There are some people who want to grind and then they just get blown up by a gnome lol it wouldn't be too fun. Instead of every hour (which is too much IMO), we probably could have it announced and scheduled for a particular time and date within a specific time period. Or even like 30 mins before restart.
I'm out!

I don't like this I think it attracts rdmers who will keep killing after purge. And I also think it looks tacky.
It's fun to do with players who you play with but attracts the wrong crowd. If we did I would say once a day, or every 6 hours. Or even less.
I know this is an old thread but doing a purge 15 or even 10 minutes before the server restart would be a way to freshen things up. There are hardly any people on at that time, and the ones that are more than likely are the dedicated players that wouldn't be turned away. I agree that having them hourly or really any other frequency than once per day is annoying. Having a rule in place that you can't raid during the purge could also prevent those that are not wanting to participate in what really is a glorified RDM fest from participating.