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Full Version: Unban appeal
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What is your steamid? STEAM_0:0:597227590

What is your discord @? Shrooms#6774

Who banned you? Ichigo Kurosaki

What is your ban reason(don't explain why just put what it says when you try to join)? LTAP

Approximate time/date of ban? Yesterday 5/21/23

Insert a screenshot of your ban message if possible. This is what you see when you try to join the server but are banned.
Was this ban false, did you do what you were accused of?
LTap, idk if its false
Why should you be unbanned?
I left before i was put in jail, the jail was for 10 minutes and i was just leaving the server not to leave punishment but only because i was bored and I was logging off anyway for way longer then 10 minutes, i got banned for 7 days because of this, I am sorry
Ban Reduced

This ban was unfair and the staff member will be talked to about the misunderstanding. He is new and probably didn't fully understand LTAP during his training. On another note, you were supposed to be banned previously for a different issue which never went through even though issued so you are only going to be banned for a day instead of the week.