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Full Version: Tank552111/|-ICE-| tank552111/STEAM_0:1:196747814
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RPName: Tank552111
Steam Name(at the time): |-ICE-| tank552111
SteamID: STEAM_1:1:196747814
Total Playtime: 00w 0d 07h 14m 29s
Banned: 1-24-18
forgiven: nah
Situation: Some kid called for an admin... and he was saying some guy was prop blocking and he had printers in his base. I screengrabbed him because it seemed a lil sus he was using Friendly Hack so yea... I kept rdming him and then I gave him 10 mil to him to keep him happy until Cookie could join so we could both troll him. He forgave me for killing him. I killed him again, and he forgave me again. He later left the server before Cookie could join so I had to ban him... rip my nigga tank :/
Additional Comments: I mean he was trying to contact the admins using normal chat without even using @ and he was spamming saying I abuse and shit in local chat when I'm the only one that saw it sooooo..... he can't be very smart so yea...

Images: [Image: IlQ0vMm.jpg]

[Image: 3R0FnFn.jpg][Image: BZ6uC22.jpg]
HA HA AH AH AHA I saw that happening that was funny.
yeah he was almost crying lmao
kek i lol'd
Wasnt this today? xd
(01-25-2018, 02:11 AM)ShrExCaliber Wrote: [ -> ]Wasnt this today? xd

 Yesterday yeah