No Cancer RP

Full Version: Frizics Staff Application
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What is your steamid?(this can be found here:

What is your discord @ ?

How many hours do you have on No Cancer RP?
1W 2D 19H
Do you have a working mic in-game?
How old are you?
Have you ever been staff on a gmod server before?
If you answered yes to the last one, which server and what rank?
Valour Networks - Head Administrator
Aethernetworks - Trial Moderator
Smoke's.GG - Trial Moderator 
What special skills do you possess that will make you more qualified than the other applicants?
I have skills in my judgement, while some players see things as "He did this, and that" I attempt to see the reason behind it. Which may sway my judgement, on whether players get warns. And this also leads me to pick other paths that are seen as more passive. Such as compensation, and such. Whether it be from an item, or money from my own (In game) pocket.

For Example, Player A has reported Player B for RDM. Player B was warning Player A, to get away from him. However, he was doing it in VC, instead of in chat. This renders his warns invalid, however, due to the circumstances, it may land him in a less severe punishment.
Do you have experience with SAM?
Do you have any other significant commitments? (such as a job or school)
What times EST (server time) can you be active on an average day?

4 PM - 12 AM
Player A, a new player RDM's a returning player, Player B. Player B calls for a sit. After teleporting them to a sit room, what do you do?

Player A, would without a Doubt, get punished for the RDM in a sit. While player may be able to claim it was "Mis click" Or "Misfire" outside of a sit, there is just no excuse for inside of a sit. However, if that occurred as soon as the sit began, it would indicate that the player was shooting BEFORE he was pulled into the sit. Which is understandable, and it happens. The player would not receive a warn if it happened like this.

Player A claims Player B is prop blocking, but you do not see any props. What do you do?
First, I would go to the Prop blocked location, and see on the left-hand side of my screen, if it provides the offender's name. If so, this confirms the prop block. If this does not work, I would request Video evidence from Player A. If he does not have any, I would end the sit, however, I would spectate player B to see if he goes back and does it again.
10+ People are all saying the same person is massrdming, but in the logs you only see he killed one person. What do you do?

A player calls you a shit admin, he also claims he has proof against you and threatens to report you on the forums. What do you do?

A player is always free to report a member of staff on the forums, I would encourage the player to report me on the forums in order to straighten things out. However, if the player is becoming a nuisance to members in game, this may warrant a Gag / Mute in order to protect the experience of the players in the server.
i scammed someone on aethernetworks

-rep shit scenarios
+rep head admin on a serv is nice asf
Overall: +Rep
+ Very impressive previous experiences
~ Scenarios aren't the best.
+ a lot of experience
+ very active
+ never had a negative experience with him
Bump - Thanks for the +rep's!
Bump - Been stale for 2.5Weeks
Bump - 1 Month stale
Overall: +Rep
-Rep i never see u on

This may upset you considering how long you have been waiting, but I've Honestly never seen you on, or even heard of you from other players/staff Your app looks alright but for this reason i have to give you a -rep. I hope you understand.