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Full Version: Aziz Kartel/youssef3519/STEAM_0:1:93573557
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RPName: Aziz Kartel
Steam Name(at the time): youssef3519
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:93573557
Total Playtime: 00w 0d 00h 15m 46s
Banned: 1-27-18
forgiven: no couz he's gay
Permalink: [/url][url=]
Situation: The anticheat caught him so he relogged(0 clue why it doesn't do anything). We knew he was cheating so we screengrabbed him and once we had a few screenshots of him we just trolled the shit out of him. He started spamming "Fuck you" and propspamming. We gave him "the punishment" and he ltapped so he got a pban Smile
Additional Comments: this boy was gay and tried to kill us but his cheats were so bad that he couldn't...


[Image: NuS9Wsz.jpg][Image: 1WAstcz.jpg]
[Image: VayBrnF.jpg][Image: BsP18OG.jpg]
[Image: ESmDNu9.jpg][Image: Ll9u0hR.jpg]
[Image: 3geDnCa.jpg][Image: 3o9IiPR.jpg]
[Image: n1GjiR7.jpg][Image: DbqjRJH.jpg]
[Image: d6UzQvy.jpg][Image: pnzFZqq.jpg]
[Image: FbZD3ax.jpg][Image: F3mSSTf.jpg]
[Image: Bq8CWgK.jpg][Image: e0gN0Nj.jpg]
[Image: xgJxjqF.jpg][Image: ytIae8h.jpg]


who the fuck still uses smeghack
[quote pid='86' dateline='1517091614']
who the fuck still uses smeghack

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