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No Cancer RP
TheDemonicWolfz/TheDemonicWolfz/STEAM_0:0:68441011 - Printable Version

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TheDemonicWolfz/TheDemonicWolfz/STEAM_0:0:68441011 - |NC|RP| Aws0me - 02-25-2018

RPName: TheDemonicWolfz
Steam Name(at the time): TheDemonicWolfz
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68441011
Total Playtime: 00w 0d 01h 25m 49s
Banned: 2-25-18
forgiven: fuck no (laughing emoji)
Situation: So [url=]this boyo's friend
was banned. All of a sudden the anticheat detects this boyo for loading his shitty cheats... the same cheats his retarded ass friend was using. I teleported  to him. I asked him why he had to do it like it happened to his friend and now him... He said he couldn't hear me just like his also deaf friend(I'm guessing their discord is a bit loud). He then shot me and killed me because I wasn't thinking he would just shoot me for no reason I was going to give him another chance. I then jailed him and he's like "yo bro they just jailed me" and he started saying retarded shit so I just left him to be banned by the anticheat.
Additional Comments: These 2 boyos had a third friend who mass rdmed and has been perm banned as well, but he wasn't cheating so we won't talk about him much... I mean honestly if your friend gets banned for cheating what do you do? Use the same shitty cheats and get banned also? Why can't you act like a normal person for 10 minutes and ask staff to give him another chance? I would have gladly given his friend another chance to play on the server because these guys did nothing wrong until their asshole friend joined and started cheating. I mean TheDemonicWolfz and Hadi were actually playing until Godofthechicken got banned lol. Well their loss bye idiotheadmcstupidfaces. Also I mean look at his fps no wonder he uses shitty cheats


[Image: jQ7lt63.jpg]

RE: TheDemonicWolfz/TheDemonicWolfz/STEAM_0:0:68441011 - mommas sweet pancakes - 01-29-2023

old asf!