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[DarkRP] Add Starfall - K4su - 05-21-2023

I suggest adding Starfall to the Starfall. Like Expression 2 it allows players to write small scripts like fancy screens, games, or even an alarm for your base.
In my experience, its performance is superior to that of Expression 2 and it adds many more useful features such as being able to distinguish between client-side and server-side scripts.

- Better performance than Expression 2
- More functionality that does not require any extensions
- Usage of Lua which is a language with far more applications than Expression 2
- Improved permission system to prevent abuse (playing sounds, holograms, ...), i.e. players must explicitly grant some permissions to a script for it to work
- Client-side scripting is very useful to make realtime animations and can even be used to make interactive games (see attached image for reference)
- ...

To show the functionality of Starfall, here's a small runner game I've made using Starfall. The player and saws are animated and do not lag as they would if Expression 2 was used.
[Image: image.png]

RE: [DarkRP] Add Starfall - Mr Meanie - 05-30-2023

Seem cool. Will bring it up

RE: [DarkRP] Add Starfall - Liam - 05-30-2023

shits good