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ban appeal (apple jack cope edition) - DrDevious - 05-30-2023

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:553493686

Discord: GandalfTheGreen#7613

The coper: Apple Jack

Ban reason: Nitrp/big gay (ironic coming from apple jack)

Time of ban: 9:38pm 5/30


I was doing a bit of trolling until Apple Jack had a panic attack and said he would ban me if I did anything again. So I stopped and was chilling. Later I stunned this dude with a taser and it killed him. I was called to a sit by Toxic because the guy said I was "body blocking" which I wasn't. Toxic returned the guy and said he would just give me a warning. Apple Jack, because he is simply that petty, was secretly watching the sit from afar and then swooped in, in all of his femininity, to deliver a one-week ban. This was not an example of moderation or punishment, Apple Jack was being the little guy he is and was desperate for anything at all to ban me. If Toxic decided to jail me, I could understand Apple Jack banning me. However, it was a warning just to get the other person to stop coping. So yeah, the ban was very scummy and for emotional reasons.

RE: ban appeal (apple jack cope edition) - WeebIsASadCat - 05-31-2023

Under Review

Updates about the review will be spaced out because I have things to due IRL currently but if I get the reply I need and can look at it soon my reply will be sent no later than 5pm EST (unless I somehow forget).

RE: ban appeal (apple jack cope edition) - WeebIsASadCat - 05-31-2023

Ban Reduced

While I do agree that a week ban was too much for the actions caused on the server yesterday, you were minging a bit recently and so I am making it so you will be unbanned later today at 9:38pm.

Please stop using the elemental fire CR ammo, it is banned for a reason and you know you aren't supposed to use it.

Any causation of heavy minging could result in the reinstating of the week ban.