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Mutiple People RDM report - R0bOT - 01-25-2024

Name(s)T_JUS and 1995 M5R1 4.0L V6 MazdaB4000 SE, FredrickFitzgearldFurgeson, Bebrage, Koboldjäger
Steam ID(s):STEAM_O:1:714170487,STEAM_O:1:97563206,STEAM_0:1:100398467, STEAM_0:1:119132312 , STEAM_0:0:574937059,
Aprox Date and time:  01-24-2024 at around 9:30-10PM CST.
What are you reporting for: RDMing
Info: i do have these guys rdming me out of no where, what i can remember Mazda and Fredrick? have been punished by a staff member but continues to do it after they been punished, T_JUS and Bebrage have been rdming me but Bebrage has also been rdming my friend that i met in this server at the time too, Koboldjäger has been saying negative things (Which unfortunately i do not have the recording at the time) but has been rdming my friend.
I believe these guys are all friends together and trying to rdm me, my friend and a few others.

Evidence: (Google drive link)

if the google drive link isn't working and or needs request please let me know and ill fix or give you access

RE: Mutiple People RDM report - [Black]Kommie - 01-25-2024

i dont remember exactly which ones of the group you reported but 2 or 3 of them i believe are banned for MRDM (1 week) or NITRP (3 weeks)