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Special K/Special K/STEAM_0:1:176080028 - |NC|RP| Aws0me - 01-27-2018

RPName: Special K
Steam Name(at the time): Special K
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:176080028
Total Playtime: 00w 0d 00h 16m 54s
Banned: 1-27-18
forgiven: no
Situation: CAC detected him for auto bhop so I so I screengrabbed him. He was using some sort of ESP shit which resembled Citizen Hack's ESP but idk what he was using. We rdmed him over and over. He was very salty when we brought him into the sit, but he still denied using cheats even though he had his ESP on in the sit... moron...

Additional Comments: idk he had 109 hrs on record so I'm guessing he's new idk

[Image: uNqraQd.jpg][Image: NUV0CF2.jpg][Image: 3UBBj6y.jpg][Image: FqXk9gA.jpg][Image: 0FnTsi2.jpg][Image: FSMIemm.jpg][Image: n8AMTe8.jpg][Image: Tsko2bY.jpg][Image: KE9aEkK.jpg][Image: p8w85fc.jpg][Image: s2uJ1z8.jpg][Image: lf5j7u0.jpg][Image: 8fT46lo.jpg][Image: gI3stAD.jpg]