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February 2020 Patch Notes
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This document entails all the changes to Nocancerrp as of February 2020.

New additions:
-New retro miner addon. Allows you to mine, smelt and sell ores for money. Get creative with it, make an entire factory!
-Pvault addon. A brand new bank addon allowing players to raid the vault encouraging you and your friends to team up!
-Zeros Trashman. Players can now have fun picking up trash, recycling it making a business for money
-LuminaFX. Make money by making light shows, selling alcohol and making a club!
-All new Mafia gang for VIP and up!
-New civil protection jobs such as Terrorist Taskforce and Bank security

-Multiple changes to the rules(suggest you re-read them)
I really just been da Staff Managa on gang

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