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What is your steamid?

What is your discord @ ?

How many hours do you have on No Cancer RP?
1w 3h 52m (At the time of making this)

Do you have a working mic in-game?

How old are you?

Have you ever been staff on a gmod server before?

If you answered yes to the last one, which server and what rank?

What special skills do you possess that will make you more qualified than the other applicants?
I'm often very friendly and Im always happy to meet new people and solve problems. Most of the time I can be chill and calm and very rarely get irritated. I'm good at improving what I get wrong and often learn from my mistakes as well.

Do you have experience with SAM?
Nope, I have searched it up and I am learning what it is, I have little experience with ULX as well.

Do you have any other significant commitments? (such as a job or school)
School Is all, However, it is closed ATM due to COVID-19

What times EST(server time) can you be active on an average day?
11AM - 10PM Are my usual hours, I often get on around that time frame.


Player A, a new player RDM's a returning player, Player B. Player B calls for a sit. After teleporting them to a sit room, what do you do?
Listen to Player A's Story, Then Player B's Story. After that check logs to find what is right and wrong. If Player "A" Did rdm Player "B", Then Warn him for RDM, After that, Return the value that Player B had, and return both players. If Player A Killed Player B with a valid reason, Then teleport both players back without any warns, And tell Player B to make sure it wasn't RDM before calling a sit.

Player A claims Player B is prop blocking, but you do not see any props. What do you do?
Ask Player A what props he saw Player B use to prop block, After that, Cloak and spectate Player B Frequently, If they continue to spawn props and prop block with them, Ask why and ask for them to be removed as a type of verbal warning, Spectate him and if it still happens, Warn for Propblock and Delete the props forcefully

10+ People are all saying the same person is massrdming, but in the logs you only see he killed one person. What do you do?
Teleport the player who RDM'd, And the victim and go through a RDM Sit. After that Warn him for RDM or find out if there was a reason behind it, Then check logs to see if he has damaged anyone else, If so warn for Attempted RDM, Teleport them back and spectate the RDM'er, If he continues to try and shoot/harm others and succedes, Warn him for RDM, Anything after that would be considered a Ban, As a kick would not stop him from coming back to try and RDM once again.

A player calls you a shit admin, he also claims he has proof against you and threatens to report you on the forums. What do you do?

Ask if he is serious or not, If he is just joking around, nothing needs to be done. If he is serious about it, I would apologize and tell him recall what I did that he has proof of, I would then tell him to post the proof on the forums if he really does have it, If all of this is true I would apologize and be Warned/Demoted by a higher-up.

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+Friendly guy
+Good scenarios

I've met this guy quite some time ago and from what i've seen hes a really nice person and loves to help new players.
cool base builder ok

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Should put a bit more effort in your situations but anyway +1
From ya dear Stoner
ThatOneHighDude Head - Moderator

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fuckin whore
idk do u walk em down?
I'm a Junior Mod on No Cancer RP. My discord tag is @cucci#0001 (always subject to change)


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Staff Manager
I really just been da Staff Managa on gang

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