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What is your steamid?(this can be found here: STEAM_0:0:440230781

What is your discord @ ? Toxic#3722

How many hours do you have on No Cancer RP? 1w 6d 1h 58m

Do you have a working mic in-game? Yes

How old are you? 17

Have you ever been staff on a gmod server before? Yes

If you answered yes to the last one, which server and what rank? NCRP -Admin

What special skills do you posses that will make you more qualified than the other applicants? I have been admin on the server more then once im good with ulx and know all the rules in the server.

Do you have experience with SAM? No

Do you have any other significant commitments? (such as a job or school) I should be able to get on almost everyday

What times EST(server time) can you be active on an average day? 8-12hr


Player A, a new player RDM's a returning player, Player B. Player B calls for a sit. After teleporting them to a sit room, what do you do? Check logs and make sure he did kill player B, if he did kill player B I will warn him for RDM.

Player A claims Player B is propblocking, but you do not see any props. What do you do? Check and see what props player has placed, If Player B did place the props I will war him for propblock

10+ People are all saying the same person is massrdming, but in the logs you only see he killed one person. What do you do? Check damage logs and see if he is attempting to mass rdm but not getting the kills. If I see he started to damage 10+ players first I would ban him for mass rdm.

A player calls you a shit admin, he also claims he has proof against you and threatens to report you on the forums. What do you do I tell him to go and report me on the forms if he believes it is necessary and go on the day.
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+rep past experience
+rep pretty active in server recently
-rep says was admin on server but never got past moderator
-----rep scenarios almost non-existent
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-app looks very rushed
-Barely any senarios

Overall, try again in a week and fix and extend your senarios
I Do Be a Admin/Event Manager
If you need any assistance, Dm at Pelixo#0420

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(05-18-2020, 03:59 PM)NCRP Pelixo Wrote: -rep
-app looks very rushed
-Barely any senarios

Overall, try again in a week and fix and extend your senarios
Why do I need to make my senarios longer they are to the point and all around right .,,,, I've done this 3 times and this was my longest one <3 Also it might look rushed bc ive done it 3 times and I know what to say already <3

pls there are no mods on when I'm on so it would benefit the server if I became a mod on the server so when I'm on we at least have a calm server
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-Rep your app is very rushed
-scenarios could be alot longer and more detail could be put into it

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I really just been da Staff Managa on gang

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