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What is your steamid?(this can be found here:
What is your discord @ ?
bjcs cat#1040
How many hours do you have on No Cancer RP?
~1w 4d
Do you have a working mic in-game?
How old are you?
Have you ever been staff on a gmod server before?
If you answered yes to the last one, which server and what rank?
NCRP I was a tmod for a while. I also helped run a friends server.
What special skills do you posses that will make you more qualified than the other applicants?
I like to ensure that I do good work, I will be sure to do good work because I enjoy good work being associated with me.
Do you have experience with SAM?
Do you have any other significant commitments? (such as a job or school)
I don't have any regular commitments however there might be some things that show up randomly.
What times EST(server time) can you be active on an average day?
Weekdays: 11AM-4PM or 5PM-10PM
Weekends: 12AM-8PM or 10AM-7PM

Player A, a new player RDM's a returning player, Player B. Player B calls for a sit. After teleporting them to a sit room, what do you do?
I would review logs to ensure there was a kill, then I would TP Player A and Player B. I would review both sides of the story being sure to verify each part of it to verify that the RDM occured. If it is proven that Player A RDMed Player B, then I would ask Player B if they want Player A warned. If so I would warn him. If not I wouldn't. In both cases I would both ask him to review the MOTD and regularly check with Player A to ensure that he is following server rules.
Player A claims Player B is propblocking, but you do not see any props. What do you do?
I would check for any deleted props in a short amount of time, if so I would inquire as to the source of the despawns. If not I would tell Player A that there is nothing that I can do at the moment, and if this occurs again, please take screenshots.
10+ People are all saying the same person is massrdming, but in the logs you only see he killed one person. What do you do?
I would first check to see if it was a case of mistaken identity if so I would find the person responsible. If it was a bit of mob hysteria I would bring the person he killed and ask if it was RDM, if so I would punish him accordingly. In both instances I would calm down the chat and assure them that we would find the person responsible.
A player calls you a shit admin, he also claims he has proof against you and threatens to report you on the forums. What do you do
I wouldn't talk to him about it. I would just say feel free.

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In the past you have acted a bit immature and childish, however, I think you can redeem yourself if you do get accepted again. Solid application +rep
Private message me on Discord miata#9999 if you need help or want FEET PICTURES


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 Not a mass rdmer

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= rep with a great delivery but very hard to read. Very childish however...
uhhh it's Darren... lol.   Smile

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-hard to read
-low hours
just try make your app easier to read

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Lets try and staff staff this time alright?
I am the Fun Admin/Event Manager and don't you forget it.
Some call me an unwanted child but I call myself gay ;D
If you want some drugs I can get them hmu ingame
If you need advice or help with anything community based I am the guy to talk to so hmu on discord @Storm#8877

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