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What is your steamid?(this can be found here:
- STEAM_0:0:80036755

What is your discord @ ?
 - Libtard#5816

How many hours do you have on No Cancer RP?
 - 140 Hours

Do you have a working mic in-game?
 - Yes

How old are you?
 - 14

Have you ever been staff on a gmod server before?
 - Yes on a small TTT/Prop Hunt server

If you answered yes to the last one, which server and what rank?
 - It was a nameless private server and I was a moderator

What special skills do you posses that will make you more qualified than the other applicants?
 - I have unrelenting tenacity and am determined to figure out the root of a problem if there is one. Additionally, being on the west coast I can be online at times others cannot

Do you have experience with SAM?
 - Nope

Do you have any other significant commitments? (such as a job or school)
 - I have school that runs from 11am EST - 6pm EST

What times EST(server time) can you be active on an average day?

- 7pm EST to 11:30pm EST on weekdays, 9pm EST - 1:30AM EST on weekends


Player A, a new player RDM's a returning player, Player B. Player B calls for a sit. After teleporting them to a sit room, what do you do?
- I would quickly bring them both into a sit and ask what happened, however, since Player A is new, I would tell him to read the !motd and send them both off, giving Player A a warning. I have a general policy that is that whether someone is new or a returning player, they get an equal punishment. I will not hesitate to ban a Super VIP just because they donated, every person, including friends get equal treatment while i'm on duty.

Player A claims Player B is propblocking, but you do not see any props. What do you do?
- I would check the logs to see if there was propblocking, if there was I would warn Player B for propblocking and ask him to not do it again, removing the props and giving him a warning. However, if there were no props, then I would tell Player A that I will be invisible and be watching player B for a bit.

10+ People are all saying the same person is massrdming, but in the logs you only see he killed one person. What do you do?
- I would bring 1 person and the supposed MRDMer into a sit, Then I would then ask how he was MRDMing, I would be checking logs to see if their stories match up with what is said in the logs and make points about every discrepency. If the MRDMer was doing what he was accused of, he would get a temp ban for MRDM, however, if he did not MRDM, he would be warned/jailed for RDM and I will watch his actions for a while.

A player calls you a shit admin, he also claims he has proof against you and threatens to report you on the forums. What do you do
- I would not care, if I did what he was accusing me of then I deserve to be punished if not, I would trust that whoever moderates that would be able to understand that I never did anything wrong.

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-rep didn't give steamid
I do the head mod on the funny ncrp           

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(07-29-2020, 04:59 PM)NCRP Inquisition Wrote: -rep didn't give steamid

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+rep sucked my cock ingame
Hey, its that one Jr.Admin

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+rep Active at night and respectful

god the pain is unbearable

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+Active on the server
+Well known within the community
+Not a bad staff app, well formatted.
That British Lad, Kazma


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Staff Manager
Staff application is under consideration. I will make a final decision in a week
I really just been da Staff Managa on gang

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