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Pankaces staff ap (pankaces4tmod)
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Have been RPing with you since you got unbanned.

However you have been a lot better since then which is a +1 from me. 

But however you still do have some sense of mingeness, if someone doesn’t reply you consistently keep trying to get their reply which is a -1.

I do see you getting better as a player but I still do not think it’s at a point for you getting staff.

RadioactvePickles Offline
chili eater
denied got banned lol
Hello, I am a <player?> on No Cancer RP! If you have any questions or concerns, please add me on Discord: RadioactvePixels#0426

Crqsi Offline
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No has been recently banned and too childish for staff.
Jr Admin
The One And Only

NCRP mommas sweet pancakes Offline
(03-17-2023, 11:49 PM)RadioactvePickles Wrote: denied got banned lol

give out -reps when you are staff
Pankaces for tmod ong

mindcraftlover332 Away
Staff Manager
Denied, do not re-apply.
Quantum Staff Manager of No Cancer RP.

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