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                                                                I want to become a mod because when I get on a lot of servers they have no mods and would be horrible because of people who mrdm and I want to change that. u have a 1 and 4-3 hours on this server and i am sticking to it and will never go on another. I have no prior experience but have learned alot about the server and read all the rules and I have a mic. I have good skills with resigning arguments that come between people and will never be bias against some one cause its funny and I have 0 prior experience with sam but I would like to learn from here. I have a commitment to a summer job and school but I always find time and can be on anytime between 5am to 6pm but probabbly wont be on the whole time but rather available.

SCENARIO 1: Check the logs and then jail for 5 mins if he did.
SCENERIO 2: first i would ask for a clip from someone if they dont have one I will let off with a verbal warn to him. Then I would instruct Player a to record it when he sees it next
SCENARIO 3:First i would watch their tone incase their lying and which if they are then i would let him go but also i would ask how he got rdmd and if it was something like getting them caught in the vault door till there dead or dissapearing a floor under someone to fall to there death then he would get a ban for 1 day and would be perma banned next offence and since logs show he killed one person i know id had to be with a prop.
SCENARIO 4:First i would ignore it but after the threat i would as to see the proof on discord and if he says no then ask what i did if he says he dont know that either assume its fake and walk away.

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-Didnt use format properly
-Low detail scenarios
-obviously a child
-below 20 hours
professional autist


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The people above me rep does not matter but I do agree with the -rep

You have very obvious grammar errors and your scenarios are not good at all really.

You also did not use the format given and so it nullifies your application anyways plus you do not meet the hour quota.
Hello, I am one of the Event Managers on NCRP. If you have any questions or issues you want to talk about, feel free to pm me on Discord (WeebIsASadCat#1604) or when I'm on the server. I'll try to answer them when/if I can. (This goes for anyone and everyone. Make sure they are actual questions though.)
You can also send me a message via the forums here but it will most likely not be answered right away as I only check the forums once or a few times a day.
If I am offline on discord try your best to not ask me questions as I am most likely busy with something or it's late at night and I'm trying to/am sleeping.

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-rep no grammar
-rep not enough owas (hours)
-rep no format
-rep scenarios sad
Pankaces for tmod ong

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no thank you
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