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Winter Event 2023 - 2024
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Hello friends! We are bringing back the NCRP Christmas event for this year. We have been working on a new and improved version that we hope you will all enjoy. Presents will spawn every 20 minutes along with a chat message and a sound effect. Presents can contain items like guns, money, credits, etc. Additionally, the players who collect the most presents will get additional prizes described below. To check the top present collectors, use /leaderboard.

Event Starts December 11th and ends December 25th.

To keep the event fair for all players, you will not be allowed to use any additional resources to assist you when finding or collecting presents. We have measures in place to prevent cheating automatically. However, anyone found using e2, staff powers, external scripts, etc. to assist in finding or collecting presents will be harshly punished. This is to ensure all players can have a fair and enjoyable experience.

Top Collector Rewards:
1st Place: 250 Credits + Christmas Bundle + Custom Chat Tag 
2nd Place: 100 Credits + Christmas Bundle
3rd Place: 50 Credits
4-10th Place: 10 Credits

Present Rewards:
Money ($25,000 - $250,000)
Credits (1 - 10)
Special SWEPS (pizza thrower, lightsaber, etc.)
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