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Staff Rules and Punishment Guidelines
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Here you will find the staff punishment guidelines this is meant to act as a basis that all staff should use to give punishments accordingly. Staff can modify to increase or decrease punishment length or severity if they deem it fit to do so.

Staff Punishment Guidelines

RDM -- warn

Blink Abuse -- warn

RDA -- warn

FailRP -- warn

Job Abuse -- warn

Metagaming -- warn

PropBlock -- warn (ban/kick if continued)

Staff Impersonation -- warn (6 Hour ban if continued)

E2 Abuse -- warn/Ban (depending on severity. Questions regarding this can be redirected to the staff manager)

Lying to staff -- warn

Not waiting advert cooldowns -- warn

Exploiting -- perm ban (could be a warn or a less harsh ban depending on the scenario)

Fail Base -- warn

Fail Laws -- warn (Advise the mayor they must remove the law)

Self Supply -- warn (see rules to when self-supply would apply)

Minging -- Ban depending on severity (usually falls under NITRP)

NLR -- warn

Harassment -- warn(ban/kick if continued after warnings)

Mass RDM(4 or more) -- 1 week ban

LTAP -- 1 week

NITRP - 3 weeks

DDOS Threats against server or other players -- perm ban

Advertising -- perm ban (advertising twitch is allowed so long as they're streaming on our server or just have it in their name)

Cheating -- perm ban

If something isn't on this list use these as a guide to punish them accordingly.

Staff Rules

Do treat players or other staff with respect, stay calm and mature at all times.

Try your best to take reports as soon as they come in. This will make it unlikely the players will get angry and try to handle their problem themselves.

Do make sure to be as helpful as possibles to players or other staff members.

Do not use any of your staff powers while you're off duty unless it is an emergency.

Do not roleplay while on duty. (for example do not have printers while on duty)

Do not abuse any of your powers on players(including physgun player pickup, commands or any other staff powers)

Do not cause drama with other staff members or other communities. If the problem is not resolved it will be resolved by demoting said staff members involved in drama.

Do not ask for promotions if you want a promotion keep working for it, asking just pisses higherups off and will make us not want to promote you.

Do not break rules. As a staff member you should be making sure people follow the rules. Do this by setting an example for the players.

Do not make up your own rules, if there is any confusion read the rules. If a rule is unclear contact a higherup to get it cleared up.

Do not bring other staff members without messaging them first. This is extremely disrespectful and could disrupt sits that are in progress.

Do not be staff on another gmod server. If you want to be staff on another community let us know first.

Do not take your own sits. If you're the only person on you may, this is the only scenario this would be okay.

Do not false ban/warn. This could result in a strike/demotion. If any confusion PM the Staff Manager

Do not take bias's in a sit. Evidence of bias in sits can result in a strike/demotion.
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