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Approximate time/date of incident:wed AUGUST 28 2019
What you are reporting for:fails warn
Evidence:i was being  raided and killed the guy i turned around and killed his party member knowing that if i did not kill him he would kill me again.After that the party member brought me to a sit i got mad i spoke up and got muted after geting ungaged i tryed to explain why i killed his party member but he warned me and ended the sit before i could talk

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Ok so I was the staff member that warned him and I did let him speak but he kept saying the same stuff. He was also saying "warn me so I can leave already" which I have a screenshot of the chat log of him saying it. My party member was all the way inside his base and you turned around and just shot him. He did not shoot you which I have a screenshot of that log too. If any higher up is reading this I will send them these screenshots. My discord is bananadude21#8794

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