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Today we are introducing a new credit system as part of the new update. It is very similar to the new one, but with better features. Packages are now separated into categories and there is a settings to disable a package if you don't want it to always be active. In addition to this there is also a custom job system that allows you to buy custom jobs and get them in real time and edit them all on the server. You are still able to tranfer credits to other people that can be used to trade/sell credits. Everything is logged serverside so if someone scams you for credits we will be able to know.

Use the NPCs around to mape to access the store or use /shop to access the credit shop and /customjob to access the custom job menu

If you had packages or credits on the old system you have been refunded in the new system so you can rebuy your packages or buy differnet packages. Also, if you have a legacy custom job meaning I had to manually create it for you then nothing will be changed for you. If you want me to port your job over to the new system PM me and I can get that done for you. Enjoy fellas!

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