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Christmas Bundle Super VIP (Missing Items)
Silv3rSh4rk™ Offline
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Hello every one that gives this a read.

It's almost been a year since I purchased this package and there is still no CS:Go knives. 
I know I'm not the only person that paid for this package, and I'm sure a lot of other 
people would like to know if they will ever receive their PERMANENT knives. 

the other thing that I'd like to suggest is on server economy resets you should give the 
people that have this package the five million dollars that they paid for.

Super VIP Only Printers!(Coming Soon)   is this supposed to mean that we are supposed to have 10 super VIP printers?

If yes i think you should work on fixing these two things it will bring people back to play 
when they see its fixed and it will help with getting people to buy it when they realize 
that they can have that many printers.

or just change (Coming Soon) to (under development)

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no you're not getting 10 pal
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NCRP Alex Offline
where did you get 10 printers from :thinking:
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Silv3rSh4rk™ Offline
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well I really don't care about the printers but since you asked.......
it was in the wording......
Super VIP Only Printers!(coming soon)

makes it sound like every printer you can spawn could be the Super VIP printer
but who cares
only thing I wanted to no is will we get the perm CS:Go Knives soon I've been waiting quietly for almost a year

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