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FerretForrest's Ban Appeal
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Last night while playing the server I had gone AFK i our base for around 30 minutes to eat dinner with my family. I have done this before and figured it would be no problem. The issue is that when I came back I got kicked and banned for "cheating"??? This was last night and I was to tried to write this up but here I am now. I am not sure if they banned the wrong person or something, but the only reason given is for "cheating"
My discord @is @FerretForrest
There was not a specific admin who banned me which is weird.
My Steam ID /id/ferretforrest/
Link to my profile
Happened last night around maybe 10Pm mountain time
I do believe this ban was false, I don't know what they would even count as cheating on this server I have been playing it for the past 3 days about with 2 other friends who haven't been banned for "cheating"so im just not sure what cause this ban.
I feel I should be unbanned because I simply do not know why I was banned in the first place, sure I may not know all the rules 100% but I do try, so to come back to my account being banned from the server is a bit annoying and sad.

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This isn't even the right server.
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Nigga thats xenorp with that being said join NCRP since you're banned from xeno

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Yeah, it looks like you got banned from Xeno RP, you should try joining our server, we won't ban you unless you break a rule.
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