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What is your steam id?(this can be found here:

What is your discord @? Himalton#8855

Who banned you? CCH

What is your ban reason(don't explain why just put what it says when you try to join)? Lying to staff / Minge

Approximate time/date of the ban? 2/20/20

Was this ban false, did you do what you were accused of? Yes I did do what I was accused of, but I end up explaining to the staff in discord

Why should you be unbanned? Because I was told I was lying to staff. But I did confess to the staff already in Discord

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You were banned for minging. The lying to staff was just something u did but the real ban is minging. You're lucky you didn't get banned for 3 weeks (NITRP) Which is what we usually do. So I suggest be patient and wait out you ban. Have a good day mista
I really just been da Staff Managa on gang

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