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STEAMID(of reported user(s)):
Approximate time/date of incident: 2/27
What you are reporting for: I Was told I was Lying to staff when I told the truth. This happened last weekend on Sunday. I, (being the idiot I am) was running around with a new friend I made on the server and we were looking for bases. We were running into spawn and i wanted to show him an unfixable glitch in the game (precision props into spawn) and I put a prop In spawn. He then told me to keep there as a fun joke. Then a Mr ghost man flew to me in spawn and told me to delete it. I did not say anything and he said I could get warned for it. I went about my day and a while later while I'm in a raid with my friend I get teleported by You CCh While I 0xCC. He tells me to delete the prop and I do so. He then goes to ask me. (really stupidly) If I spawned a prop in spawn ( why would he ask me if I spawned a prop in spawn after he saw me delete it ). I then told him no and he said something like "are you lying" and I told him "no I am not lying, I spawned it outside of spawn and pushed it into spawn" he Then asked me again if I spawned a prop in spawn and I said "no!" and Then while I was explaining to him the logic he doesn't understand the then bans me! while I was explaining for 7 days! ( i got lucky for this ban I was told) I then Go into Discord to ask why I was banned and I look me the NoCancer Discord server and it says staff chat. I go there and say " why was I banned" and when I say "Wait and when did I get staff" then some random person just says "when you got accepted" and I'm very confused. I go onto the forums and check my staff app and it was accepted on the first comment! I then ask why I was banned and most of the staff just took a fat shit on me. (I didn't even know I was staff until I got into discord is what I'm trying to say). I come back a week later and I was just playing around seeing what was new and then I remember my staff app was accepted. I go to a sit cause I was rdmed and after the sit was over I asked NCRP Rocket if I still have a chance of being staff after this issue and he said "sorry but no" and I said i wasn't even lying when I got banned and Rocket agreed with me. He then said "well you did technically spawn it in spawn" and I said no I didn't and he said "well moving it into spawn is still technically spawning it in spawn " I then went to say "well if I spawn a prop on one corner of the map and move it to the other will it be spawning it on the other corner on the map?" and then we get into an argument and leaves. Then this brings me Here on the forums

Evidence: Staff members are keeping it hostage

Please just really look into this because of Rocket and You CCh While I 0xCC both called me a lier and this makes me big sad Sad

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This happened a week ago why didn't you report then also it was already justified sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why report it now.

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First off, thanks for posting this on the forums rather than spamming OOC like earlier today.
The time of incident was 8 days ago on 02/20 and not "2/27", here is my perspective of what had happened on that day and why I had banned you for lying to me / staff.

Rocket noticed some player spawning props in spawn (you) and had verbally warned you to not do it again, I was then informed to be on the lookout for people doing it without any names being mentioned.
A couple minutes later I had checked up on spawn to be greeted with a BIG prop covering portion of the small tunnel to fountain, access to the flats and half of the big tunnel. This prop was materialed using vol_light to try and make it less obvious. Which is when I got some picture evidence.
Upon teleporting you and before being able to ask any questions you had decided to delete the prop(s) for no reason other than that you were caught by an Admin and attempted to hide evidence knowing full well that the entire day bLogs was broken.
The first thing I did was determine whether or not you tried to get away with it hoping I didn't notice the invisible prop by giving you a chance to admit guilt, which is when I asked you "Did you spawn a prop in here or not". (

You promptly replied by acting confused, soon dropping the act after realising you're busted and moving on to trying to weasel your way out of it by mentioning things like "it says You can't build in a safezone." "so how did i spawn a prop?".
Clearly I've noticed at this point you're pulling the old false truth trick (aka bending words to avoid telling truth), and it couldn't be more obvious especially after me asking you whether or not you were prop blocking spawn, to which you still replied using your old strategy ( At which point you were promptly banned off of the server and removed from the staff team.

You cannot deny spawning props as you NEED to SPAWN PROPS in order to place them anywhere, so your weaseling out of the situation made no sense and the word game you were playing just landed you a well deserved ban.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only incident there was involved with you and your toxic behaviour towards other staff members, disrespect and minging is not tolerated here to any degree. You have shown what your very best behaviour is like you promised you would on your staff application, and have earned youself a place in the unofficial quickest staff members to be demoted list. If you're wondering what I'm referring to here, check out ( and the 4 warns you got in a single day.

I hope I have cleared up and explained any questions you might have had and I hope you will not try to bend words and lie to get out of situations next time. Being mingy is forgivable, but lying while I'm talking to you to try and get away with being a minge is not and will never be the right choice to take. I also hope that you have used the time being banned to take time off and reflect upon your decisions, because next time there will be no next time.
Huh 0xCC is GOD Angel

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So from my perspective on this situation. It was my first day back on the staff team and I well knew the rules due to being a member of staff earlier in the past. And I was flying around waiting on some site to take when I fell upon a huge ass prop in spawn. I then realized it was your prop because I used prop check and it said you were the one who possesses the prop. I then goto you and ask you to “please remove the prop” and once you did, you proceed to spawn in another prop and push it into spawn. I then give you guys a verbal warning for the second time or I will get a higher up b/c I was just tmod. I then warn the whole staff by @ everyone in gmod.So I continue on my day taking sits and about a couple sits later 0xcc was in the staff discord chat with me and he said he’s spawning props and pushing them into spawn again. So he took it apon his own hands and took care of the situation because I was too low to do anything else about it.

P.s you shouldn’t of been doing dumb shit that you knew was wrong right after you submit a staff application. That just gives us bad first impressions.
If you have any issues, please contact me on the ncrp discord as it will be the same as my name @Rocket in game. 

             Luv you guys 
                   Have a good

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In conclusion no one was in the wrong but you

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