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is not wolffe/ban apply
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What is your steamid?(this can be found here:

What is your discord @? Killshot★#9241

Who banned you? totalxDeuk

What is your ban reason(don't explain why just put what it says when you try to join)? hacks

Approximate time/date of ban? never

Insert a screenshot of your ban message if possible. This is what you see when you try to join the server but are banned. idk how 2 do sorry 

Was this ban false, did you do what you were accused of? they tell me i use hacks be cose i wall bang 3person and they call me hacker i have a script.

Why should you be unbanned? man is a long time i playe know in the server why i will use hacks now and i apply for staff this it take me a long time and i got ban be cose i wall bang 3 person in pd.

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A script to shoot through walls is hacking
From ya dear Stoner
ThatOneHighDude Head - Moderator

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Bad hacker, Bad script, i talked to u before, u knew better to not do that, i say the ban is justified, if u wanted to wall and stuff take that to a singleplayer or something. u knew what u were doing cause i legit talked to u about it telling u not to do it. -rep

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