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I was pulled into a sit and warned by TotalxTerror for having a law saying "disregarding Police order is AOS" He told me to remove the law which wasn't a problem I just asked him where in the rules that it said I could not have that law. I asked multiple times and he ignored the question. And when I mentioned that other admins allowed it he said that they are stupid. he then warned me second time and I asked why did I get warned again and he said that I wasn't listening and I didn't understand because he didn't answer my question he looked through the rules and told me other things about the rules and he never told me that where in the rules it wasn't aloud also he was disrespecting the other mods and the owner of the sever and called them dumb and they don't pay attention to the laws this is the only mod that has said this to meĀ 

can i talk to a higher-up about the warns and the rules or get my warns removed


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