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RadioactivePixel removed laws while not on duty
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STEAMID(of reported user(s)): STEAM_0:0:86038559
Approximate time/date of incident: Around 7:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time
What you are reporting for: Radioactive removed 4 laws without talking to the mayor about them/why they are being removed he also did this while off duty.
Evidence: I have video (In the video it shows someone removing 3 laws he removed the 4th later but im too lazy to cut that part but if you really need it I will) and we talked to BananaDude21 and he can confirm this happened and that he was the one who removed them.

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So yeah I did do that. Other staff members (admins) were on the server [I'm pretty sure] and were not removing the laws. I will admit I WAS off duty but like, the laws were against the rules. I PM'd the mayor and even said it out in OOC that it wasn't allowed when I removed them.
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I have a really important question, you seem to report for the smallest things?
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