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NCRP_WheeliebinLT unfairly warned a Hobo
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STEAMID(of reported user(s)): STEAM_0:0:194548941 <- Wheeliebin 
Approximate time/date of incident: 4/10/20 7:30am cst
What you are reporting for: He warned my friend (NerdyJosh), for 3x rdm in 3 different warns who then got kicked for exceeding the warn limit. And then Wheelie warned the other guy (Ladd) for 3x rdm in one warn; so Ladd didn't get kicked.  And Wheelie was a bit confusing about it after.  He says he apparently warned Ladd once earlier, and then a 3x right there, which is supposed to be the 4x total. I was asking him why he did it that why so my friend got kicked and Ladd didn't (in voice), and he said he doesn't kick cause he doesn't like it. And I reworded it saying, You made the warns seperate so he passed the warn threshhold and got kicked, you know what I mean. that's when he said Yes I do. He asked if there was anything he could do. I told him to just please be fair, like if you're gonna warn one guy in 3 seperate warns do that to the other guy too. And to keep an eye on Ladd and his friend because they both were RDMing and mingey. 
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Afaik, it's supposed to be combined warns if it is the same reason ex: 2x RDM would a be a single warn. Get a staff opinion on this.
I am a Jr-Admin on No-Cancer RP.

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That is something I would personally do but I suppose it depends on the staff. This is something that a higher up would need to answer.

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That was my bad and I said I was sorry to him

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Not that big of a deal. His choice how he wants to warn
I really just been da Staff Managa on gang

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