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Hax Player Report
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STEAMID(of reported user(s)): STEAM_0:0:67775658
Approximate time/date of incident: 10PM EST 5/11/20
What you are reporting for: NITRP, Minge, Harrassment, Taser Abuse.  
Evidence: [Image: unknown.png]

In the sit, he claimed he tried to kidnap me. He did not restrain me once, yet he tased me 13 times. 13 times. He claimed that I was always "in a crowd". So why did he tase me in the first place? I told him to stop in OOC and he mocked me and tased me again. It was harrassment absolutely. I called a sit, and Box 2 did nothing. He just said to "stop interacting with each other." Then, hax called terror next to me to bait me into killing him. This was obviously struck down, as this was obviously bait. Hax is just an asshole.

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Player has been watch-listed for being a minge. Box 2 has also been spoken to. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
That British Lad, Kazma


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We apologize for Hax. I've had a few occurrences with him while I was on my spy account. If he continues with this behavior please feel free to create another player report.
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haha tazer go brrrrr

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