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Possible Event Ideas/Event Questions
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As some of you may have noticed Pelixo and myself have taken over the position of Event Manager. It is our first time doing this so we want to try and make it fun for everyone.
I just have a few ideas that may be coming to our list of events that I have thought of. 

Break floor seems really fun and a great idea. With Break floor I will have to work with a few people to figure out how it would be possible. 
Spleef but less stressful for your frames and the server. Recently I tried it to see how it would go and it went very well. Only one issue it can cause some players to drop frames and lag big time. 

A question I would like to ask would be should we try and bring back Bumper Cars. It's been a long while since we have done that and I think it may be fun.
Each week there will be 2 events. Each of us get an event a week. 

Also if you feel like you have a great idea for an event don't be afraid to pm me @Storm#8877 on discord. I am awake from around 4pm est until about 8am the following morning. We will always be looking for new things to do and try and break the habit of the same events over and over.
I am the Fun Admin/Event Manager and don't you forget it.
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If you need advice or help with anything community based I am the guy to talk to so hmu on discord @Storm#8877

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how about spawn barnacle event
Hello, I am a Junior Admin on No Cancer RP! If you have any questions or concerns, please add me on Discord: RadioactvePixels#0426

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probably just a regular FFA

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