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A Testing Thread
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Congratz! You found my test thread Smile
Please disregard this, I'm just testing to see the full capabilities of the forum posts to test some things...

<h1 id=testing> This is just a test</h1>
<p> If I am lucky, this will work as actual html code and allow for jump linking. </p>
<p> Well, darn, this dosn't work the way I want :( I wonder what Mark Up language this fourm uses.</p>

I guess lets see how the PHP box works...

PHP Code:
<?php $string "Simple PHP test!!"; echo ("Printing the string: "); echo $string;?>

So it's literally just a box for posting PHP code that gets colorized, that's lame

I did some digging and it looks like the forum is just built on PHP using BBcode formating which would be to limiting for my ideas. Well now my idea won't work so that's not nearly as cool Sad
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