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[Forum] Forum re-organization
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The forums appear quite messy and I suggest reorganizing them. For example by closing and moving old threads to an archive, public or private.
The Suggestions, Player Reports, Staff Applications, and other subforums should receive a folder to archive old posts.

Clean forums and easier to find discussions which are still ongoing.

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I agree, it would lend itself to far easier navigation and an overall cleaner look!
I do be Head Staff Trainer and Jr. Admin on here, find me on in da evenings
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Let me know if you need anything or if you have any questions! Aws0me doesn't let me have a life outside NCRP <3

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Can I assume this suggestion to be rejected as there has been no activity within 3 weeks?

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no I am just very busy with other things - when I get some free time I will try to see what I can do
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Forgive me for being so forward, but are you the only person on the staff team being able to handle this task? I understand Moderators might not be able to handle a task of such magnitude, however, I assume your team not entirely be composed of Moderators.
I can offer to take some time to offer some more specific ideas and discuss them with your staff team.

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