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I got rdm for no reason then i make a report and bro takes it and finishes it like its nothing I want justice for this abuse

I have the screenshot of him finishing the sit i bet if you go back in the logs you'll see him him take his own sit and finish it like he finishes dinner

[Image: unknown.png]

to add on to that he disconnects right after doing that ^^

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Hello, I am one of the Event Managers on NCRP. If you have any questions or issues you want to talk about, feel free to pm me on Discord (WeebIsASadCat#1604) or when I'm on the server. I'll try to answer them when/if I can. (This goes for anyone and everyone. Make sure they are actual questions though.)
You can also send me a message via the forums here but it will most likely not be answered right away as I only check the forums once or a few times a day.
If I am offline on discord try your best to not ask me questions as I am most likely busy with something or it's late at night and I'm trying to/am sleeping.

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