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banned for leaving after being jailed 10 min
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What is your steamid?(this can be found here:

What is your discord @? rainb0x#1690

Who banned you? panda

What is your ban reason(don't explain why just put what it says when you try to join)?fail rp and ltap

Approximate time/date of ban? idk like just now

Insert a screenshot of your ban message if possible. This is what you see when you try to join the server but are banned.[Image: ntZbrWi]

Was this ban false, did you do what you were accused of? sort of, read below 

Why should you be unbanned?

made a base behind waterfall, didnt know you couldn't have a crouch spot to get into your base as i've seen many people with the NCRP name use them. told U wasn't allowed to do that, I didn't make it a big deal and changed it right away. The person comes back, I get an alert on my e2 that someone is in there, i use my keypad number to get through which I didn't realize wasn't allowed because I have seen many people do it as well to stop me from raiding their base. teleported back to a sit, i am told i am not allowed to do this and that he will give me a verbal warning. right when the player says that hes gonna come back for my printers and I told him no he aint. i am put in a cage after that was said I am told to read the rules so I leave so this person would not be able to obtain my printers. Come back an hour later with a ban. I understand my mistakes but giving a ban for something as simple as that because someone couldn't get my two printers is obsurd.

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Ban removed, will talk to the mod in question

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