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No Cancer RP Official Rules!

Welcome to No Cancer RP. Before playing please take some time to read some of the rules so everyone can have an enjoyable time. Do not look for any loopholes in the rules or try to bend the rules. If you have any questions or are confused by any terminology please visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Rules


Do not Random Death Match (Killing a player without a valid reason).

No metagaming. (for example: killing a hitman because it says hit accepted above his head, raiding with keypad combinations, dying in a raid and giving information while dead, etc.).

Absolutely no prop climbing, blocking, or pushing.

Do not harass other players or staff. SLIGHT hate speech is allowed for RP ONLY. Do not use this privilege maliciously.

Do not spam in any of the chats, whether it be voice, OOC, advert, or admin chat.

Do not beg for staff or bother staff when in a sit.

Staff have the FINAL SAY in a sit.

DO NOT impersonate staff members or other players.

No wire abuse (e.g wallhacks, killing people with wiremod)

You can not block people's cameras with props.

Do not use any cheats/hacks (Cheats are programs or scripts that modify your game to give you an advantage. Macros can be used but only in a proper way.)

Do not lie to staff.

Do not have any offensive sprays, including but not limited to: nudity, gore, etc.

Do not scam anyone. Scamming for real money is even worse and will result in a perm ban.

Don’t tase people without a valid reason. The taser can be used to arrest/kidnap people or to defend yourself during a fight.

If you are tased at all, you are allowed to kill the person who tased you.

Do not revenge RDM (killing the person that killed you in your previous life).

No E2s to give you an advantage over other players. (Ex: Blending/See-through player model during raids. Alarms are an exception)

When there is no mayor elected then only the first 3 laws apply.

You can not have any RP interactions with someone building that has a "Building" sign up.

You can not sell/buy things for real life money. All interactions must go through the server/store to prevent scamming. (Credits or otherwise discussed with the owner). Doing so can result in a ban for both parties.

Absolutely no exploitation of any kind (Abusing a broken or unfair mechanic, If you don't know if it's allowed ask staff).

Advert Rules

Do not use chain/unrelated adverts in the same message.(example: /advert raid/terror/pd raid)

Don’t abuse/spam “/advert warn” to kill someone. Before you can kill the player, you must advert warn at least 3 times and there must be at least 3 seconds in between each warn. 

Don't /advert warn for random things like walking down the street. A valid reason to warn someone would be someone following you or not leaving you alone.

You must advert

PD Raid/Bank Raid (Including counter, assist and over)

Mugging (Including counter)

Warn (1/2/3)

You do not have to advert

Raid (including counter)

Kidnap (including counter)

Hit Accepted/Complete

Steal (including counter)

NLR Rules

NLR (New Life Rule) applies to all types of raids, mugs, kidnaps, and their counters. If you are killed during one of these events, you are not allowed to return until it's over.

If your base is being raided and you have already died, you can not ask people to save your base as this is breaking NLR. (Telling party members is an exception)


Terror: 10 minutes

PD/Bank raid: 10 minutes

Kidnaping: 10 minutes

Raid (same base): 10 minutes

Raid (any base): 5 minutes

Mug : 5 minutes

Party Rules

If you see someone kill/attack a party member, you are allowed to protect them/get revenge and kill them.

Criminals can not party with PD.

Raiding Rules

Your base must be raidable with the bare necessities (Keypad cracker and lockpick)

Don't take over other people's bases. Once you're done raiding please leave their base.

You can not blink during raids.

You can not spawn and or manipulate with prop(s) while raiding or being raided.

You can only kill people on the base property or if they are shooting you.

While being raided, you can not stand inside a no-collided prop to protect yourself from raiders. You are allowed to walk through them to get to the other side of the prop.

Base Rules

The max fading doors to protect your base are 2.

No maze/zigzag bases. Bases should be as straightforward as possible, with minimal turns/props to make the raider strafe (No more than 1 turn, 6 strafe props).

You are not allowed to use unfrozen props as a base defense.

Do not use environmental factors as a base defense. (Ex. Natural map fires that damage the raider and no water that forces the player to swim/pushes them)

If someone is past your first fading door without permission it is considered trespassing or raiding, therefore you have the right to kill them.

All fading doors must have a visible keypad. You are not allowed to have fakes and they must be reasonably close to the fading door.

The person that owns the front doors of a building owns the entire building.

The minimum keypad access granted time is 3 seconds.

You are not allowed to have a delay on keypads.

If you would like to megabase you or your friend must own ALL of the doors in the area that you have blocked off.

In order to megabase, you must have at least 3 people in the megabase.

You can not build in spawn itself or spawn tunnels, including the ends of them. Basing in the spawn buildings is fine.

You can not have a KOS line extend into the street.

All KOS signs must specify a location or have a line(for example: "KOS past line" or "KOS past this sign")

KOS signs must be easily distinguishable from the area behind it, via color, and size. They also must be right over/next to the entrance of the restricted area.

You can't have a loitering sign. If someone is lurking around your base, warn them to leave.

You are allowed to have a “will pursue” sign but you are only allowed to pursue them if they are visible from the entrance of your base.

You can not use a KOS sign and a building sign at the same time.

KOS signs can be no smaller than 30pt Font Size and must be clearly visible.

Do not no-collide a prop to get inside your base at all.

If you are going to base on top of a building you have to own the building.

No crouch bases. A crouch base is a base that a player is required to crouch to be able to raid. (This includes crouch jumping)

Do not use any pixel-perfect gaps as a defense.

No black out bases

You can not have a surf base.

You can not have a keypad/fading door you have to crack multiple times to enter.

You can not FDA (Fading Door Abuse). (Ex. Opening a fading door in any way to kill someone)

Mugging Rules

You can mug every 5 minutes

The max you can mug for is $50,000

You must advert mug with a time of at least 10 seconds

If you want to restrict someone during a mug, you must add it in the advert. (Ex. Must have KOS if moving or KOS if gun out, can’t do it without it)

The person who you are mugging must be standing still and if possible, shouldn’t be going against your restrictions in your advert before the mug.

Kidnapping Rules

You can only hold a captive for up to 10 minutes before they must either be killed or released.

The max ransom for a captive is $50,000.

If you can audibly hear the restraint noise, that is considered a kidnap attempt and you are allowed to kill them.

Terror Rules

To start a terror, use the !terror command.

You can only terror for 10 minutes or until you die. (You must advert over when done terroring)

You can not terror inside a building/base at all.

You can kill other terrorists during terror or you can team up with them.

PD Rules

If a player is wanted, you MUST make an attempt to arrest them before you just shoot them. If they resist, then you can shoot them.

Do not Stun Stick abuse.

You can warrant a base owner and raid them if they are harboring a wanted criminal or if it's the criminal's base.

You can not own any doors and cannot base outside of the PD/Bank.

You can not raid off of the sound of bitminers/printers, you must physically see them.

Bitcoin miners are allowed by default and you can use them in the PD/Bank unless there is a law against them. Money Printers, however, are not allowed, unless stated otherwise by another law. 

You can not block the entrance to the PD. You can block past the second door and at the beginning of the stairs.

You are allowed to take/sell loot from successfully breached bases unless stated otherwise by laws.

If the mayor does not agree with the PD/Bank base, you must remove it.

You can not kill someone for just being in the PD/Bank lobby. You can only kill them if they are past the second doors/on the stairs with a KOS sign stating so.

You can not have a building sign at all. If a PD/Bank Raid starts you must halt building until it is done and make sure there is still a way to get through. (Ex: Don’t put fading doors until end of build, have keypads already, no-collided doors, etc.)

Mayor Rules

You can not make laws to exempt people, regard people, and/or to stop people from RPing. (Ex: Player A can ignore laws, You will be arrested if you have a Casino, AOS Player B because they suck, etc.) 

You are not allowed to be in spawn as the mayor.

City lockdowns must have a valid reason given with the /broadcast.

You are not allowed to make unnecessary laws AOSing people for non-RP acts. (Ex: AOS if not crouching, AOS if jaywalking, AOS if being annoying, etc. If you are confused if your law is fine or not, ask a staff member to check it.)

You are not allowed to make KOS laws at all.

Category Specific Rules

Citizen Rules:

You can not raid

You can not mug

You can have a base/megabase

Dealers Rules:

You can not raid

You can not mug

You can not PD raid

You can base/megabase

Police Rules:

(Refer to the PD rules section if not read yet)

Criminals & Gangsters Rules:

You can raid

You can mug

You can base/megabase

Terrorist Rules:

You can raid

You can mug

You can base/megabase

Job Specific Rules

The jobs listed here are the jobs that have specific rules different from their category in some way.

Donald Trump:

You can build a wall in a tunnel and charge up to a $5k fee to pass your great wall. 

You are only allowed to block one tunnel

You can not PD/Bank raid

You can not raid

You can not mug

You can not kidnap

You can not build in any of the spawn tunnels.

Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker:

You can own guns

You can raid

You can mug

You can PD raid

You can not base/megabase

Hobo/Hobo King:

You can base on the sidewalk and street as long as it isn't prop blocking a walkway.

You can own guns

You can mic spam or play music unless in a sit or asked to stop by staff.

You can not raid at all

You can not mug

You can not megabase


You can base on the sidewalk and street as long as it isn't prop blocking a walkway.

You can not own guns

You can not raid at all

You can not mug

You can not megabase


You are allowed to KOS anyone in the water, however, everyone is allowed to KOS you whenever they want.

You can not raid at all.

You can not mug

You can not PD not raid

You can not base

You can not own guns

Thank you for reading and welcome to NoCancer RP!


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