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Rattman Being a Rat
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ratman called me in for a sit i had made about RDM and stated that i had a "KOS Sign" and a "Skill issue" He stated both of them twice before sending me back. The videos will explain it all. I really dont think he deserves the admin powers because nobody -repped him or +repped him in the comments of his staff application, and also he is being a really shit admin not knowing half the motd and keeps saying "iv'e read it many many times and i know everything" even though i asked like 6 other admins the same question and they said the same answer differentiated from ratman's answer I had also read the motd that stated the same answer that the other admins told me. though the answer was different from ratman's answer. im just going to say he doesnt deserve admin roles! 

Me "Damaging" The Player

Me In the sit

Me also in the sit

Thanks - Nezuko :/

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hello. according to the video you provided, Rattman done nothing wrong. According to the rules,
"If someone is past your first fading door without permission it is considered trespassing or raiding, therefore you have the right to kill them."
You failed to kill him before he killed you.
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