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juul cat ban appeal
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STEAMID : STEAM_0:1:448826420

Discord: ayyylmao_420

HatSnek banned me

Reason : Ban evasion

Date of ban : 27  jan.  2024

Hi, my name is Juul Cat, and I've been banned for ban evasion. I'm being 100% honest because I love NCRP and really want to play again. My main account, AYYY LMAO, got banned for cheating about 2 months ago, way before I fell in love with No Cancer RP. I was just looking for a random server to play on, but like an idiot, I had cheats on, so I got banned, and honestly, I 100% deserved that ban at the time.

A couple of days later, I returned on my Juul Cat account to play on NCRP, this time without cheats. I started farming printers and really fell in love with the NCRP community and the server. A couple of weeks later, I bought some credit to get in-game money (yes, I was an idiot because I didn’t know I could sell to players for way more). After that, I bought a custom job and really got closer to the players on the server; I even made a couple of friends. Soon after, I bought Super VIP and farmed a lot just so I could be on the richest player scoreboard.

And then, today, when I tried to connect, I noticed I’ve been banned on my Juul Cat account for ban evasion. I know I've made a horrible mistake the first time by trying to cheat on one of my accounts, but at that time, I really didn’t know how much No Cancer RP would mean to me. Today, I am asking you to forgive the horrible mistake I made about 2 months ago and unban me. I am looking forward to seeing you in-game really soon!

Sincerely, Juul Cat !

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A member of management will reply here soon with the result of this. Thank you for your patience and we do appreciate you coming back and actually playing on the server and enjoying it. We will have a response here soon.

-NCRP Management

Your ban has been reduced to 24hrs from now. Please do not use cheats again as it will result in a perma ban and not much can be done after the next time. We do appreciate you wanting to return and we are glad that you do enjoy the server. I have seen you around quite a bit and hope that you do not get banned again. 

No more being a hooligan lol
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um shut up
Meowlan's groomie

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Ive never had issues out of him, im all for it if it was an actuall mistake before but ill leave it up to the other staff, just my two cents, i hope to see you back on
Sometimes you just gatta fuck around to find out. Smile

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they pretty chill

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i honestly feel like it wasnt his fault, get this man back on ncrp NOW!

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