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I know it's been brought up a few times since I've joined the community but have we considered doing PURGE every few hours or so?

One of the communities i played in a while back had it and it seemed to help curb some of the RDM factors. There's of course still going to be your trolls and Minges in the server but that's anywhere

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Personally if we did not have an oversaturation of Custom classes this would be a good idea, but considering 1/4 of the server is on their respective custom classes at any given time. This makes the server EXTREMELY unwelcoming to new comers that don't know what is going on. On top of that, 

I just do not think it has the best interest for the player base as a WHOLE. But like I said, if Custom classes were not so abundant. Then this would be a good idea!
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I miss purge servers with my whole heart

that being said there has to be a logical reason that they're all fucking dead now.

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